Splendour in the Grass is one of the landowners of North Byron Parklands, a beautiful 660 acre site in the Byron Shire.

We have been working hard since 2006 to gain approval for our land as a sustainable cultural event venue and Splendour’s permanent home.

As much as we love Woodford and our friends there, it is not our permanent home. Our old home in Byron, Belongil Fields, is being rezoned for residential development. You will love our new home at North Byron Parklands because:

  • It’s ours so we can continually improve it to make your Splendour experience more comfortable and memorable.
  • It’s bigger – 660 acres as opposed to Woodford’s 500 acres and Belongil Fields’ 50 acres.
  • It’s indescribably beautiful.
  • It’s accessible – just off the highway 20 minutes north of Byron and 20 minutes south of the Gold Coast airport.
  • The road systems are good.
  • It’s in the beautiful Byron shire, with beaches, restaurants and markets to explore.
  • Parklands Site
  • Parklands Tree Plantation

A small group of people, including Splendour in the Grass owners Jessica Ducrou and Paul Piticco, formed the Billinudgel Property Trust in 2006 with the vision of creating a socially and environmentally viable home for events and celebrations in the Northern Rivers.

The space needed to be located close to a major highway, have few immediate neighbours, be large enough to host major events and have the same amount of space again to let nature breathe alone by herself.

After a long search the space was found. Pasture land used for grazing covered two thirds of the 660 acre property, which also had numerous forested areas. Many of these were in need of rehabilitation. Even with the largest event we would use only 37% of the land for event purposes, leaving the majority for habitat use and bush regeneration.

The proposal means the land will experience little to no activity for 280 days each year, thereby preserving the natural local environment. North Byron Parklands has committed to increasing the size and function of the Marshalls Ridge wildlife corridor which straddles the property. We are working with the National Parks and Wildlife service to increase habitat cover to make it easier for animals to move more freely across the 660 acre site and to protect and expand the adjoining Billinudgel Nature Reserve.

Owning this land set about a chain of events which have refined the original vision. Providing a space for events and celebrations has become the means through which to nurture an enterprise that in turn can generate enough business within the local region to ensure its economic stability.

For more information visit www.northbyronparklands.com